#Campusparty is a startup conference at former Tempelhof airport of Berlin airlift fame, sponsored by EU, Telefonica and O2, among others. 10 000 Campuseros have signed up, some for gaming, some for coding. Paulo Coelho will speak at noon. Coelho!

„Coders of the world, unite“, a graffiti on one of the faux-improvised containers reads, sponsored by Telefonica, a Spanish Telco. Interesting. So far, hackerdom (Skype! AIM! Kazaa! Jailbreaking!) was at odds with the business model of telcos who like to charge 10 Euros per 1 Megabyte for dataroaming, as just happened to me in Zürich. 10 Euros! Coelho!

It will be interesting to see what happens, when telcos discover innovation as a business model.

The revolution will be streamed, roaming charges apply.