Some highlights from his speech and Q&A at Campus Europe 2012 in Berlin from my twitter feed (@hilmarschmundt):

#cpeurope Paulo Coelho: „You can’t sign e-books. But somebody is developing a system that I can sign a book here for somebody in Canada.“

Check out an article about signing e-books here:

#cpeurope Paulo Coelho: „There are only 4 books: A lovestory between 2 people; a lovestory between 3 people; a struggle for power; a trip.“

#cpeurope Paulo Coelho: „I paid for my first book to get published.(….) in Brazil there is no tradition of making money with writing.“

#cpeurope Paulo Coelho: „I worked in the record industry. I saw this gigantic industry collapse. They started to fight against sharing.“

#cpeurope Coelho about the future of printed books: „Today I read mostly on Kindle. I have problems with Nook.“

#cpeurope. Paulo Coelho talking about his website „Pirate Coelho“. Check it out here:

#cpeurope Paulo Coelho updates his brand into the realm of open source: „The more you share, the more you receive“

#cpeurope: Coelho: „Copyright ist not an idea that is about paying the authors, but the publisher“