Litflow erpower

Litflow conference in Theaterdiscounter, Berlin, Sept 28-29.

Henrik Berggren (Readmill) im Gespräch (auf Litradio): Don’t chance the book too much.

This is my brain on litflow: These Books are made for Walking.

Kathrin Passig: Gentle Reader.

Kenneth Goldsmith: Zero Degree of Blunt Expediency

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These songs are made for walking. Youtube film about Daria Musk, a Google Hangouts music phenomenon. Here’s a geotagged map of her listeners during a Hangouts concert.

She was featured at Future of Storytelling conference at MIT. The map below shows what, ideally, the spread of geotagged books would look like. Franco Moretti (Atlas of the Novel) would love it.

Uglify Berlin


Bastards stole my bike light last night. Got a new one. Then I defaced it with a marker pen, wrapped it in duct tape and finally glued some trash on top of it. Just to make sure that nobody will be tempted to steal and sell it. Uglification rules. Wonder when products will come industrially pre-uglified, like stone washed jeans. Wonder how long it take that uglified is the new white.

Seen other specimens of bespoke uglification lately?