There is a newspaper crisis going on („Zeitungssterben“), old media wither away, new, radical upstart media threaten to take over. What is the world coming to? This is the tenor in an article in German news magazine Der Spiegel from October 24, 1966.

The article on page 189 (those were days flush with advertising) is about independent „little mags“ in the US (i.e. The Berkeley Barb or The Fifth Estate):

„…gedeiht ein Phänomen, das in der etablierten Johnson-Gesellschaft und in einer Zeit des Zeitungssterbens überraschend anmutet: Die Linke und die Libertinage in Amerika schaffen sich eine eigene Presse.“

Sounds familiar, like blogs unplugged? Well, some traditional newspapers from back then are still around.

One of the best parts of old magazines are the ads, I think: Madmen, with a German twist. Mostly international air travel, cars and booze.

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