Find examples of geek chic and nerd couture? POsT youR liNks h3r3.

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After the hippie, the yuppie and the hipster, the cool people are now wonksters.
-From „The Empirical Kids“ by David Brooks/Victoria Buhler (via @brinkbaeumer)
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Jawbone/Fitbit: Functional Jewellery measung fitness, sleep and level of hypochondriac leanings of Quantified Self fans (ego-wonks)
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educate you
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Pepper & Salt @ La Cocotte, Schöneberg
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Phantom pain: My jeans still carry the traces of one of the pioneers of smartphonery: The trio 180. It had handwriting recognition and you could write on it with your fingernail, that was ten years ago. Today’s smart phones seem to have lost that ability. But my pants still remember. Wonder if the stonewashed industry will move in that direction and prefabricate prewashed Palm-Jeans, Communicator-Jeans, Razr-Jeans when a new generation starts becoming nostalgic about the gadgets of their adolescence. Got garments with phantom traces of your gear? Post your photos on twitter, #geekchic

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